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Elgon Tea and Coffee Limited is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act (Cap 486) on 25th February 2014 with an objective of conducting agribusiness particularly in tea industry (Tea farming, processing and marketing of tea products). This was done in partnership with Siboti Farmers Co-operative Society. Elgon Tea Factory is currently providing livelihoods to over 10,000 farmer-households and direct employment to over 150 Kenyans and others including local and international contractors and suppliers.

Our Mission

To efficiently, effectively and uniquely produce various categories of marketable tea products highly demanded in the market while keeping our environment safe and uplifting the living standards of our communities we work with

Our Vision

To Responsibly produce the finest teas on earth

Elgon Teas

Finest ,Quality,
Authentic TEAS

Expert Tea production  knowledge helping to meet everyone’s unique tea tastes


Why Choose Us

We’re committed to providing you with nothing but the very best. When you partner with us, you partner with the highest quality tea  Producer.

That’s because here at The Elgon tea, we take the time to understand the best taste for customers

You only get pure, fresh premium tea

At Elgon Tea , Here you will encounter some of the finest and best blends of tea from Kenya.
Our tea is harvested from plantations nestled in the Mt Elgon region, and every tea leaf plucked and processed bears assurance for highest quality standards


Over 24 countries worldwide, tea drinkers have found their perfect cup of tea. These figures which are growing extensively, bear testimony to the superiority and popularity of our tea products.



Our business processes is more convenient and efficient.We serve the highest quality beverages and also engage with your visitors, helping you build meaningful long-term relationships with prospective customers.



In our factory Strict care and hygiene is monitored throughout the process to ensure a product that conforms to internationally recognized quality standards.

Our Customers

we are dedicated to providing you, our customers, tea lovers and coffee fanatics alike, with gourmet beverages that will exceed your expectations. Our passion continues to grow as we continuously seek new ways to cater to your needs


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